About Us

Our Mission

To provide children  with high quality education, recreational and family support services that that foster positive physical, social, emotional,  cognitive growth, and development.
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Who We Are

For The Children was founded in 1999 by Reginale Durandisse and
 a group of concerned citizens who saw a need for educational,
 recreational, and family support services for children aged 3-18
 in the Lake Worth, Florida area. Since that time, the agency has
 become a safe haven and trusted resource for parents seeking a
 positive, nurturing environment free of violence, drugs and negative peer pressure.
 One of the first licensed programs by the Children’s Service Council ,
 For The Children is also designated as a “high quality program” by Prime Time of Palm Beach County ,
 and has received the Nonprofits Excellence certification by Nonprofits First .
We are a certified childcare provider and certified health educator.
 Our culturally sensitive programs and services  appeal to the creative,
 academic, emotional and social minds of our children. They are designed
 to validate and empower students to succeed. Services like English-language
 skill development for preschool children are critical for entry into kindergarten.
 Academic tutoring, computer skills training, sports/physical activity,
 dance lessons, and gardening allow us to address a child’s development
 needs in a comprehensive way, while mentoring opportunities with older
 adults, business leaders and peers provide opportunities for character
 development and leadership training. We promote parental involvement
 and offer parenting classes in multiple languages to ensure children have
 a solid network of support.
 The multicultural, multilingual staff at For The Children “speak the language,”
 which allows us to develop and maintain strong relationships with our families.
 Our teachers are certified and highly trained. We are passionate about our
 community and the work we do. 
Call us today at 561-541-6833 or 561-493-1190 to learn
how you and your family can join the For The Children Community.