Kids Zone “3-5”

The Kids Zone is designed to ensure our children are social, emotionally and academically prepared to enter kindergarten. We offer programs that allow them to explore the worlds of art, science, math, music, languages and more in a safe, nurturing environment.

Language and Literacy: As your child becomes more comfortable with sound and letter relationships, teachers will introduce beginning and ending sounds. While reading stories, your child will be asked to use critical-thinking skills to predict outcomes.

Mathematics: Using the strong foundation of number concepts that your child has built, the teacher will plan experiences involving critical thinking skills such as patterning and categorizing. Your child will participate in group projects.

IMG_7866The World and Me: Your child is continuing to mature, and becoming aware of actions and consequences. Teachers will encourage your child to verbally express feelings and behaviors and to act appropriately.

Wellness: Continuing to work in SPARK, your child will participate in physical activities that will require more body control. Your child will develop fine and gross motor skills by taking part in age-appropriate eye-hand coordination activities.


Music: Teachers will encourage your child to experiment with sounds, tempo using simple instruments, and clapping patterns, and by experiencing music from various cultures.

Arts: Taking art skills to the next level, your child will participate in activities that ask for complex pictures with detailed representation and the creation of designs using various media such as pegboards, paint, and clay and 3D models.

Foreign Languages: With a solid foundation built in the last two years, our curriculum emphasizes an active use of the Spanish, French and Creole language. At this level, your child will be exposed to stories and activities.

Teachers introduce symbols and people connected to certain holidays and traditions of various cultures. Your child will also discuss the role of animals, plants, and insects in our world, and begin the study of maps and globes.

Program Hours:
Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Contact us Ms. Lowe at 561-541-6833 or 561-493-1190.