Pour Les Enfants

Pour Les Enfants is an extension of “For The Children Inc.,” a not-for-profit organization founded in September 1999 to offer after school educational and recreational services to the children and families of Palm Beach County.

Pour Les Enfants’s mission is to reach out to Haitian children from 3-18 years of age and help them overcome all of the challenges they face as a result of the devastation caused by the earthquake in 2010.

The purpose of Pour Les Enfants is to provide (a) new and gently used toys, (b) school supplies, and (c) clothes to under served, indigent, and orphaned Haitian children especially in Léogâne, Haiti. These underprivileged children are lacking the basic necessities that all children deserve. They are forced to live and play in unsanitary and dangerous conditions with only dirt, rocks and their imaginations to entertain themselves. Haitian children have been experiencing untold damage and despair since the January 2010, earthquake that left more than 200,000 dead and 1.2 million people homeless. The area of Léogâne is the worst affected area, with 80 to 90% of buildings damaged, no remaining government infrastructure and nearly every concrete structure destroyed.

Dr. Velouse J.P. Jean-Jacques, visited seven orphanages during the Christmas Holidays on December 24 and 25 and distributed Christmas presents, toothpastes, toothbrushes, clothes, school supplies to almost a thousand Haitian orphans in Léogâne and Port-au-Prince. Dr. Jean-Jacques is a school counselor for Palm Beach County and also an Adjunct Professor at the Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Dr. Velouse J.P. Jean-Jacques and Mrs. Vivianne Jean-Francois who is also a school counselor for Palm Beach County are the coordinators of this project.

Please contact them with questions, comments or to find out more about making a donation:

Dr. Velouse Jean-Jacques
(561) 351-5625

Mrs. Vivianne Jean-François
(786) 333-7173